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Saturday, October 30, 2010

nominations Dzanc Best of Web + Micro Awards

after the Sundress nominations in September, now the next award nominations: Dzanc Best of Web, and the Micro Award. as noted before, it's always a difficult task, but also a pleasure to revisit the previous issues, and send out the nomination mails to the award judges and the authors.

plus, it's a special joy to send links to Best of Web after one of the  BluePrintReview stories made it into their 2010 anthology: Nostrum by Michelle Reale.

and now.. the nominations 2011:

BluePrintReview nominations for Dzanc Best of Web 2011:

- Susan M. Gibb: Descriptions 

- Sheldon Lee Compton: How To Burn Years

- Tyler Cobb: Pre-Cell Observations In Two Parts

BluePrintReview nominations for the Micro Award 2011:

- Kirsty Logan - Imaginary Birds

- Ed Higgins - Five

best of congratulations, and good luck for the awards!


susan said...

Oh my! Dorothee, I'm speechless! Thank you so very much. I really appreciate all you've done for so many of us.

Michael Solender said...

congrats - great choices