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Tuesday, August 10, 2010

on editing BluePrintReview + Daily s-Press from a race / class / gender point of view

earlier this year, the Luna Park editors started a series titled "Race, Class, Gender & Sexuality in Indie Publishing", and invited editors and writers to participate.

i now took part in this series, and talk about editing BluePrintReview and Daily s-Press, the gender balance of the magazine, and also about general / and personal aspects of race / class / gender and categorization.

here's the starting passage:

"If you asked me about the general ratio of female and male authors included in BluePrintReview—the online literary magazine I founded in 2005, and that is now up to 24 issues—I would be able to give you the answer without going through pages: it’s about 50/50. Same goes for the answer to the question: “What’s the ratio of poetry versus prose?” Again, the answer would be: about 50/50.

These ratios developed during the first months of editing, combined with the plan to create issues that offer a balance of voices and cover a wide array of styles, approaches, and originating countries. This concept has continued since the start, with one exception: the current issue (“micro cosmos”), which is dedicated to flash fiction.

Even though I try for a balance of poetry and prose, those categories don’t appear anywhere. The starting page of each issue includes only the titles of the texts, without telling if it is poetry or fiction or non-fiction... "

the whole essay is up here:
Tag Poc 50/50, or The Complexities and Effects of Categorization

and here the link to the series with all essays included so far:
Luna Park: Race, Class, Gender & Sexuality in Indie Publishing

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