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Sunday, June 06, 2010

new issues + news calls

New Issues: Avatar, Tryst, Hobart, Bloodlotus

Avatar is announcing the release of Avatar Review Issue 12, featuring poetry, prose, flash fiction, art and reviews. feature poets of this issue: Eugenia Ritz and Peter Golub.

Tryst is celebrating their 8th Anniversary Issue. "As an aside, we have opened up a new section for our readers and writers to Sound Off, to voice their opinions in the News Section Blog. We welcome thoughtful essays, letters to the editor, articles of interest, and on occasion, we'll publish poems on the fly."

Hobart: "We've been working on putting together a "Beginnings" themed issue, and here's some of the goodness: stories, comics (!!), and possibly one of the more ambitious things we've tried to do with the site: a huge roundtable discussion with twelve (12!!) authors of first books, including Kyle Beachy, Jedediah Berry, Andrew Ervin, Roxane Gay, Rachel B. Glaser, Julia Holmes, Caitlin Horrocks, Holly Goddard Jones, Tom McAllister, Laura van den Berg, Kevin Wilson, and Mike Young. Whew.

BloodLotus: "We've finalized our selections, and issue #16 is now online for your reading and viewing pleasure". Featured work by Shimmy Boyle, Felipe Cabrera, Steve Dossey, Melanie G. Firth, Erica Goss, Meg Johnson, Tracy Koretsky, Christopher Leibow, Alex Linden, Ed Makowski, John McKernan, Maurice Oliver, Camilo Roldán, Chantel Schott, and Megan Van Dyke.


Calls: two², The Crowd, Zombie Summer, Bizarro flash fiction

BluePrintReview: submissions are now open for issue 25. theme is: "two²" - invited are fiction, non-fiction, poetry + images that capture "two" both in a formal and thematic way. (for example: a story inside a story about a couple, 2 corresponding poems about the 2 sides of things etc., photos in 2 layers) deadline: June 27. link: two²

qarrtsiluni: "Submissions are open through June 30 for our next issue, The Crowd."

Nothing to Say: "A Call for Submissions: Zombie Summer" Anything goes as long as it has a zombie innit!! Zombie Haikus or zombie interviews or zombie drawings, anything you want to send me. 10 words to 2,000! It’s up to you! Link: "Zombie Summer"

Pedestal is looking for “Bizarro flash fiction”: "Loosely speaking, “Bizarro” is an umbrella term encompassing different kinds of weird, absurd, horrific, uncanny, and/or grotesque speculative fiction. Literary and experimental forms are strongly encouraged." (deadline June 14)

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