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Tuesday, March 23, 2010

What People Say About Daily s-Press

some first feedback for the blueprint small press project, Daily s-Press:

March 12, 2010
Glad to have you on the scene, DailysPress. Looking forward to your updates on the small-press universe. - Jen Howard, via twitter (link)

March 16, 2010
Daily s-Press
Dorothee Lang, editor of BluePrintReview, an English-language online literary journal based in Germany, began this blog in March 2010 to review new books of poetry and prose from small independent presses. The site looks beyond the usual university press prizewinners to showcase innovative writers and publishers. - Winning Writers, section: "What's New?"

March 19, 2010
Re: daily s-press
Just wanted you to know that the day my book appeared on Daily S-press, my amazon ranking bettered itself by over 1 million !
That is simply astounding, for the ranking to improve so drastically like that, and your display of my book was the only thing new going on during that time ! Thought you'd want to know this! A MILLION THANKS!!! - Susan Tepper, author of Deer & Other Stories

March 24, 2010
Small Press s-Press
A new but excellent blog noting books pubbed by indie, alternative, and emerging presses. Includes chapbook publishers, too -- more ways to disseminate our work.
Take a peek. Doses delivered daily by --> DAILY s-PRESS - Leftbrainwrite

March 24, 2010
bought first book based on the recommendation/review in @DailysPress ( - Finnegan Flawnt, via twitter (link)

thanks for the feedback!
here the s-press link: Daily s-Press - celebrating small presses, 1 book a day.

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