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Monday, March 08, 2010

Daily s-Press

i just launched a new page. it's dedicated to books from small presses.

here the link:
DAILY s-PRESS - celebrating small presses, 1 book a day

and here the story of this project:
two weeks ago, with all the chapbooks and novellas and collections launched, and new presses appearing, too, i thought i put a “new books page” together, as an extra page of blueprintreview, to help to spread the word. i first thought i make it 1 list a month, and sent out a bunch of mails. then i started to figure out the best format for such a list. with all the feedback, it soon became apparent that a static list wouldn't be the best approach. what then? i wondered. and first was a bit overwhelmed by the answer: a theme blog. with daily features. that way, every book is "top of the list" once.

i tried a draft. it came together easier than expected.

and even the question "where to start" found a direct answer: while working on the layout, i came across a group charity book: "100 stories for Haiti". which is a beautiful concept. and perfect to set the opening note: a book that includes so many authors, from new to established, and also an example how energetic and fast moving the small press world is – and a book that is about making a difference.

and so it all came together.

enjoy the daily drip of small, powerful words~

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