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Tuesday, February 16, 2010

(dis)comfort zone 6

the next (dis)comfort zone is up. it's the darkest so far - the topic it deals with: serial killers.
  • 'Visiting Hours': a serial short story by Phoebe Wilcox ("There was a man who was a monster. He later forgot it though..") + abstract photography by Jeff Crouch: 'Escape'

  • 'Stuck In The Mud': a serial poem by Richard Stevenson ("According to your curious malaise, / You’re not a pederast or killer /until the evidence is in..") + a photo by DL: 'enclose'

no easy zone, this. one that comes without much comfort to balance the (dis). Stuck In The Mud includes an author's note, though, the note gives some background to the poetic investigation of evil:

"We're talking about evil, certainly, but also about a sick society that privileges these stories and begets bad actors, board games, serial killer cards, song lyrics, magazines, web sites, computer games and all sorts of misogynistic effluvia that are symptoms of a much bigger disease than individual psychopathy. Is the culture psychopathic?" (link)

following (or rather: preceding) this question on another level are 2 of the recent blog contributions, they both address sanity, security and fear: sanity device resurrection by Gary Sokolow, and olypmic (dis)comfort zone by Karyn Eisler.


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