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Wednesday, February 03, 2010

(dis)comfort zone 3

the next (dis)comfort zone is up. here the direct links to the pages:

  • 'so help me': poetry by Ed Higgins ("the biggest joke / of either heaven / or hell..") + stone photography by Matthew C. Crawford: 'nine five six'

  • 'Different': a short story by Susan Gibb ("She had realized that familiarity is the lone enemy of rudeness..") + liquid photography by Smitha Murthy: 'Color in a Drop'

interesting detail: this third dis(comfort) zone is a combination of “east” and “west” – both texts were written in the west, both images were taken in the east, and almost merge into another when put together as a collage.

Smitha Murthy, who took the water drop picture, also has a current blog post up: "One day, one moment at work" - this blog post is from february 2008, and now brought to the 'blog'-surface again, to mingle in the dis(comfort).

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