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Tuesday, January 26, 2010

blueprintreview #23: (dis)comfort zones

the new issue of BluePrintReview is on!
theme: “(dis)comfort zones”. and yes, this issue includes some disturbing pages – there will be blood. disorder. pain. but also: dissident fun. and soothing melancholy.

as all the (dis)comfort might be a bit overwhelming in one go, this issue will go live in zones:

the issue starts at 37.000 feet above rain, with blackstone/saga poems by Patrick Pilarski. from there, it touches ground with a short story by Richard Goity that includes spreading scorpion words.

this first sequence features visual art that crosses the line between photography and abstraction: “desert3” by Steve Wing, and “light”, from the editor’s files.

for a theory of discomfort, click to the blog – parallel to the theme opening, it picks up a twisted question: "Why would we get such delight from unpleasantness?"

see for yourself:

enjoy the (dis)comfort ~

ps: new discomfort zones will open every couple of days, check back or just follow the announcements on twitter and facebook.

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