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Tuesday, October 06, 2009


Where have all the old kitchens
gone? The ones old Nanas
cooked in? Soapstone,
formica, enameled cabinetry?
Starburst clocks; canisters; and those stainless
Steel spoons which always knew a stove-top
in which to rest?

And where have our old Nanas
They've left behind such empty
spaces—spaces filled today
with center islands (wired
for light and even sound, piped
for water), the granite having
shoved aside round tables and
round Nanas, both. All those
long countertops.

Cold speckled stone lines the rooms
where our Nanas once stood and
caps the spaces where our Nanas
now lie.
Have you no shame?

words: Eileen Donovan-Kranz, Massachusetts (website)
original publication:
Granite / A Little Poetry

image: Elle Driscoll, Australia (captured)
original publication: In Memory of Trees / just a moment


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