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Thursday, August 13, 2009

You And Me

We live on assume.
Assume your next breath
will not be your last.
Assume your car will start
Tomorrow so you can rest
Tonight, or if not, take the bus.
Assume slippery slopes are
Amenable to crampons.
Assume your mantle will
Soon support awards
That tower over Al Gore’s.
Assume you will wait for
The other pair of socks to
Thaw each April morn while
Sucking out the moisture, so
You will know the flavored
Dew of different seasons.
Assume there will not be
Tomorrow and inject drugs
That will not retaliate until later.

Assume you will be fruitful
And multiple, by not spending
Allowances on frivolities.
Assume the time to assume for life is an assumption.
------------------------------Every tick is assumption.
-----------------------------Every wave is assumption.
-------------------Every birth and death is assumption.
My coffee is gone.

words: Paul Handley (more)

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