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Wednesday, July 08, 2009

Short Cuts

“Which would you rather have ­-

the experience or a postcard
of the experience?”

Long pause.

“Don't you think
we could send
postcards from that place?”


words: Penn Kemp, Canada (about & more)
image: Rose Hunter, Mexico (blog)


Charmalita said...

I love the simplicity of this poem. And how it says so much at the same time. Where is this in Mexico? Does Rose have a blog?
Thanks for sharing ......

Rose Hunter said...

I love this poem too.

Hi Charmalita! I see that you were in Chacala.... I like your blog. Well, this pic wasn't taken too far away from there; it's from Puerto Vallarta, near the centro, and right near where I live (after 10 years in Toronto, ON). My blog has mostly pics of Puerto Vallarta and surrounds on it; I wander around here with my camera quite a bit.

Thanks for asking!

Charmalita said...

Small world, Rose. I absolutely love PV as well. It's a place I may end up living in some day.
I'll be back in Chacala in the fall. Keep in touch!

Rose Hunter said...

Absolutely! I'll still be here...