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Thursday, May 03, 2007


Silence like a smile, crept up
Around the corners of the lips of Time
Sighing its way through the hinges of the heart
Seeking for ways to heal the wounded parts
Caught in the deafening rush of the blood
Leaving wet footprints in the murky air
Creating lasting impressions that fade in seconds

Silence like a teardrop, flowed down
Along the riverbed of thoughts
Gushing through the myriad syllables of hatred
Winding its way past the rocks of love
Clinging to the doorways of memories
The sprays paint an outline of anger
With the multifarious hues filling the palette of yesterday
But the silent walls have a different story to tell

Silence like a proud mother, held
Its offspring in the air
Gaps filled with the smell of words
The heavy perfume that is hard to ignore
Yet is lost in the smoke rings of silence
Overpowered in the darkness of the light
Drowned in the loud footsteps of seconds

Silence remains. Silence says. Silence.

- applestar

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