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Saturday, May 05, 2007

Painted Paths

The canvas, splashed with elegant colours
Adorned the easel of thoughts high above
With minute images it was wrought
Swimming in the darkest of blues
The sweetest of yellows
The most bitter of reds
Swirls of brown words chased circles
A deep mahogany square of silence
A red dot of blessings
Touching the creaking corners of the heart
Ashen grey it beat

A new moment, a new turn, a new sunshine
Rivulets of green memories ran along the borders
Etched against the sour absences
Dipping and bending
Under the weight of the sooty presence
The brush of sanity had wreaked these strokes
From which dripped oils of craziness
Painting happiness twisted in the copper coils of emptiness
Shining with salty crystals of anguish
Coated with the sullen dust of yesterdays
Ah yesterday is yet to come
For today has already seen the sunrise in the evening

- Swati Nair, India (birdysworld)

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