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Wednesday, September 27, 2006


in that sunlit room
we are not alone
between the twilight gloom
eyes that are not my own
you took a hold of my need,
weight in a corner of your mind
allowed me for a split second to feed.
to your cruelty we are blind

within an inch of our lives
this cannot be quick
to this burning confusion we arrive
the sweet poison is thick
tearing the flesh clear off the bones
it seeps in like the tide
into a passion that is full blown.

eroding my skull from inside

in the aftermath and the wake,
you vanish like a vapor
a kiss and a curse I cannot shake,
as a lingering dread of dolor
wash me up on this forgotten shore
resting its head where once you lay
one I have visited a thousand times before.
begs the heavy expense of passion I am left to pay

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