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Sunday, March 05, 2006

Just THE moment

And the other day, as I waited at home for my ride to collect me, I lay on my bed and looked out at the softening pink blue sky and I remembered "Just a Moment" and I knew, right then, what it all meant. In the rushing of the world, with nuclear threats from Iran, horrid human rights violations in Africa and North Korea, my parents and their silence, my bike fall, my work load, unfinished scripts, Presidential idiocy, war, famine, hatred, violence, destruction and death............................

With all that going on, I lay on my bed, looking out at the sky, seeing new life pushing through on the ends of the branches and I knew, I KNEW that the moment was mine, it was sublime, bliss even, as everything hushed, and I was nothing but love and the Universe all at once, a valley of stars and light, and everything was nothing and nothing was everything and I would never die because life and death are one in the same and it was and I AM. That's all that it meant. The I AM that is mentioned in the bible. I get it. I AM.

And I was. And still AM.

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sand shadow said...

this insight is pivotal but elusive somehow, yet you convey it so well here