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Monday, March 13, 2006

As the light subsides

The need to express a dream,
a dream of gingkos, sultry jeans
and a black rum tee shirt. Alone
all day, even at the grocery store.
The wasps circling the ceiling, the
heat wasting the cats, drying the
floors and desires speedily. There's
a need to catch the feeling,
catch the words, like chasing
a lizard darting up the wall.
So many contradictions
so few expectations.
The prison with a high
open window to the world
The direction of sight, 180
degrees of separation
from the heart to the mind.
Twist the key, shut the door
take one more step back
when entering the trap laid
out with a jeweler's precision.
It's not as mysterious as it's
believed to be, it's just
complicated. Bitter,

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