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Tuesday, February 07, 2006


rainsnow day. sorting me. sorting my desk. as if my self would be sorted when only all those papers were sorted. so i try to find the structure. the system to sort. until i finally move the papers to the side. and instead, try to start the other way round. not with the papers that float around, but with the ideas behind them, the impulses they hold.

those impulses. i try to sketch their connection. and draw little squares. all those little overlapping squares, one for each paper on my desk. that's the paper cloud that surrounds me right now. but then i add 2 lines to it, and see that it really could be – a tree, full of leaves.

and there it is, this thought, that it is winter, the time of leaves connecting back to the ground. so maybe what i need to do in the next days is to let go of those leaves, and get back to my roots.

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Stray said...

The papers on my desk stare balefully at me, as if challenging me to make sense of them.

How I hate them so, but they outnumber me somewhat, so I must cautious be.