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Saturday, February 25, 2006

Fridays in Marrakesh

friday afternoon in Marrakesh. friday afternoon in the Mauric Spa. i fall asleep on a tilted lounger, to the memories of words spoken in this room, weeks ago. "Relax. Let go. And find yourself, walking through sand, along a path that leads to a pyramid."

so i do. i follow the path in my imagination until i reach the pyramid, this pyramid that was so huge back then. and that now is - tiny. not even reaching my knees. i stand there, in the sand of thoughts, unsure what went wrong. then i remember. "The entrance is open. You walk into the pyramid." and so i do. i take off my shoes and walk towards the entrance. and am surprised, as the pyramid looks so tiny, but it isn’t. i can simply walk into it, and from the inside, it is huge. amazed, i follow the walkway that is shining in golden light. it leads to a hall. “And there is someone waiting for you," is the next turn i remember.

yet, right in this moment, someone gets up next to me and i wake from this half dream before i can see who waited there. still, the picture of the pyramid remains, tiny, but huge.

later, after the last round of sauna, mint tea from Marocco. then finally, i have to leave, have to step into the winter, into the outside reality again. only that i can't leave: my shoes are missing. nowhere to be find out, not in the lockers, not on the floor.
"But where did you leave them?", the Hamam guy asks.
"Outside the pyramid", i answer, and almost can see them, standing there in the sands of Marrakesh, waiting for my return.


Jill said...

This is just BEAUTIFUL! Nice job.

Do said...

and isn't it odd. since last week, i had the feeling i choose the wrong photo to go with the text. but then, there is no way to take a photo of a fantasy pyramid.
well. not a photo. but there actually is a painting of the pyramid. done by a friend who was part of this fantasy mediation, too. so here, one week later, finally the fitting image.