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Saturday, October 08, 2005

Earth Rain

Here, the day wakes up to the sound of the earthquake that hit North India and further on to Pakistan and Afghanistan. The strange thing is that I was actually on the phone with a friend who was in Delhi and who tells me at the same time, "There is an earthquake happening," and continues to talk on the phone as if he just said he is having breakfast. Finally better sense prevailed and he rushed out of the building. Yet, I read all these stories...of hurricanes, of tornados, of earthquakes and wonder what is happening. Surely can Nature be so unkind? Where is the logic in life anymore? Since when did death become so irrelevant? Just a matter of numbers?

As if in mockery, the rain pelted down in the evening. I was stranded in another place and could only watch the cascading sheets. I had to be elsewhere. Yet here I was, watching and waiting for this rain to stop. Somehow, the beauty of that message trickled through. I really don't need the rain to make me stop. It is just a matter of taking the little turns. Of realising that just because some things do not work out the way we want, doesn't mean they never worked. That rain break, of watching time through windows soothed a tired soul. Aren't these little turns always waiting for us? If so, why do we always forget that they exist?

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