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Thursday, September 01, 2005

night blooming cereus: notes and questions

the patient cactus may grow for years without flowering. then, as if in secret, a blossom opens, but in darkness. (are you too modest to be seen in the light?)

its elaborate symmetry and fragrant scent last only through that one night (are you that shy? are you so vain?)

in the heat of daylight, the flower collapses in melted gossamer ruin, looking like a used condom, crinkled and plain (don't you know it may take time for your pollinator to find you?)

later, seeds confirm the success of this exquisite, ephemeral sexuality. in time, they will start the circle anew (how strange that it requires participation by another species to complete the act)

i know all this, yet you seem to hide a secret within these facts

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