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Thursday, September 29, 2005

Lucky numbers 2, 34, 9, 8, 77, 21

He said: Today is a wet, rainy day. Perfect for curling up in front of a fireplace (which I don't have) with someone (don't have), and sipping mugs of hot chocolate (out of it). My fortune cookie says, "There's a good chance of a romantic encounter soon." I'll have to keep an eye out for it.

and she said: Good for you: a romantic encounter for autumn. It would be perfect timing. You should get that fireplace and those mugs for hot chocolate in time.

and then he said: Wouldn't you know it, I already have the mugs. And wouldn't you know it, I bought them (and some hot chocolate mix) because a girl was coming over, and all I had were these old, chipped cups. Needless to say, the hot chocolate is gone. better stock up.

and then she said: or even better: you should make sure your encounter owns a fireplace and those mugs.

and then he said: That will be one of my opening questions. "Hi, nice to meet you. Do you have a fireplace? I'll bring the hot chocolate...." This could work.

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