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Saturday, August 06, 2005


beyong the valley of the seven mills, in Bebenhausen, a monastery. a round way connects the parts it is made of. in the centre, the church. in the back, the rooms to live. to the left, a herb garden. to the right, the cemetery.

all this, circled by three rings of wall, to keep the world at bay. still the inner yard is opening to the vastness of the sky, to the wisdom of the trees. and also to the past: even though the footprints of those who created this place have faded a long time ago, their care is still present in the symmetry of stones, in the structures of light and shade.

on the way back, a path leading along the outer wall to a fish pond. there, unfolding on the surface that reflects the sky, white water lilies.

(the monastery also has an online page with a virtual walk, you find it here, click “weiter” to get to following pages)

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