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Sunday, March 13, 2005

Spring, then Summer

Last week, mooning over the end of one romance or other, I went for a walk in search of magnolias. It's been a warm winter and even the huge snowpack in the Sierras is apparently melting fast. Cherry blossoms are already bloomed and falling on the cars.

It took a while but I found the magnolias:

a few blocks from my house.

This week was a new moon and with a huge storm in the middle of the Pacific, the newspaper warned of dangerous waves, 30 feet high! Of course I ignored the warnings and headed straight for the beach to see them. The waves didn't seem that big, except when they broke and spread across 50 feet of sand. I tried to outrun one but it caught me anyway.

Here in San Francisco, we've been having a heatwave. This is strange because it's never hot so people get a little crazy. They honk their horns and run red lights and get into fights.

The temperatures are cyclical here, so after a few days of unseasonal heat, today we returned to a familiar sight for those who have visited in June: thick fog. Inland it was probably 80 degrees again (25 C?) but here, I turned up the heat and the tea kettle and cuddled with the cat.

I also rode by the street where the magnolias were, and the tree was green again. In only 10 days, they had all fallen.

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