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Thursday, February 17, 2005


six. or maybe quarter to six, i thought, as i set the alarm clock before going to sleep yesterday evening. and so it beeped, as it was told to, at quarter to six. just some more moments, i decided in half sleep, clicked the beep away – and fell asleep

when i woke again, it was day. white light was shining through the window blinds. i peeked at the clock. seven it said. okay, i thought, maybe i need the extra sleep. after all, it’s only 4 days since i returned from the States, that i crossed six timezones in one airplane go, that i said goodbye to the soft tunes of Florida

i cuddled into the cushions again for another five minutes. then i got up. and saw that i got the time wrong. it wasn’t seven. it was only six yet. it can’t be, i thought. six and light outside? but yes. six and light snowfall outside, shining the night.

elated by the unexpected accuracy of my inner clock, i got up, to carry the extra hour in my hands upstairs, together with a cup of caramel tea. while the snow was falling on and on, i turned the hour into colour, putting together moments of Miami, creating a kilt of memories. and thought, this part of the trip, it really is grand. to sit at home and walk abroad, touch the places again in thought, see the pictures the first time in screen size.

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heads said...

I was ignorant of the fact that caramel tea was possible. This changes everything. OK, not everything, but some things.

It almost seems like blasphemy but not quite.