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Sunday, January 30, 2005

time to go...


Everything is changing
Nothing stays the same
One thing leads to another
Here we go again

..and here we go. off to the airport, to catch the plane over the deep blue sea

travel smiles~~~


Everything is changing.
Here we are again.

...and there we are. back home. not 2 weeks later, but 4 hours later. due to an ice storm in Atlanta that delayed our flight and made the connection to Miami impossible. "Rather fly tomorrow," the flight attendant said to us. and so we collected our bags .. and went back home again.

home smiles~~~
and a home picture.. the snow sun of today.


worldhigh said...

I just received a phone call from Do! She made it safe and sound to the states, on the flight she had a spare seat on her row next to her...was upgraded to a convertible at the car rental, has taken walks on the beach, already has gotten a little sunburned...she sounded great and relaxed.

Trisha said...

beautiful piture!