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Monday, January 24, 2005


maps on my desk, maps on my screen.

i am still following the path of my past journey through Thailand. yesterday i reached the beach, and sat there again, drawing the route i had taken, surprised that it still was there, in my mind. here is the page: Thailand diary, 12.02.2001

at the same time, i plan the next route: Florida. in one week, i will be there already, and it is now, here, while the snow is falling outside, that i get some orientation, that i learn to place curious cities and sights with strange names: Hobe Sound in the East, a twin of St. Petersburg in the West, and the Keys to it all – in the South.

oh and the map up there – that is the image my daily horoscope delivered today, all in tune with the day, stating that, indeed, "this is the time for plans, not for action."

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Chris said...

Come to Hobe Sound. We're a great little beach town. Good public beach access at no cost, a huge (6 mile long) National Preserve beach just up the road, and plenty of little restaurants. Check it out.