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Saturday, December 18, 2004

antsy travel bug

This week I learned that the software project I'm working on is late and that they won't need my time until January 10. The bad news is I could have been out of the country by now and had time to go somewhere from my List. (Plus I won't get paid and it's not a great week to find clients, so I'm feeling a little insecure.)

On the positive side, I've been contemplating all kinds of last-minute trips--Hawaii, Mexico, the desert. Still, I'm hesitating. Two nights ago, I found an amazing deal to Cancun and kept refreshing the web page until 2 a.m., but just couldn't get myself to click and buy it. I have booked a short trip down the coast after Christmas with a girlfriend; a few blissful days of drinking wine and lounging around. Maybe we'll see whales or elephant seals.

The hesitation is not like me: usually I leap at the chance to get on a plane to the unknown. But so far I'm resisting. In part because it's been so sunny and clear here--flamingo pink sunsets. I walked along the bay today, saw an egret, played with a dog at the beach.

Will I know when it's right? or do I need someone to push me off the cliff and tell me to buy that ticket before another great fare expires?

It's as if there's someone I'm supposed to meet and I just haven't figured out where I need to be to do it...


Diana said...

Okay, I'm going to the Yucatan! Just needed a little nudge.

moon said...

...And I am certain, that that special someone, or something, that you are meant to meet, will come your way there... This is how things turn out when you breath in deep and follow your heart. When you listen to it, your heart leads you to the places you were meant to be in. Good luck :)

Do said...

OH Yucatan!

Never been there, but the name of the place alone sounds warm and sweet and exotic.

"It's as if there's someone I'm supposed to meet and I just haven't figured out where I need to be to do it"

It was in Varanasi, in India, when a woman I met at the Ganges put this exact motion in words: "Sometimes on a journey, you meet someone, and it feels like: Ah this is where we finally meet, of all places."

Have a great time there~~

Diana said...

Don't worry, I'm sure I'll be posting. Mexico has great internet cafes.

All that Mayan's changing my direction already.