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Monday, May 02, 2005

Things that may happen in May

Monday seven a.m. in Mallorca, the sun is rising now. here, it is up since an hour. same time zone, different sunrise time.

the rational part of me understands this, can even offer a geophysical explanation for this. still, the emotional part of me is stunned by this, like it is by the rising of the sun itself, the colours that come with her, from blue through all the tones of red, to reach the shining white.

white. that also is the colour of the magnetic pin board next to my desk. i cleared it before Mallorca, and it waited here, silent and blank, for the return, for the arrival of me and of May, with nothing left on it but the magnets, and the copy of a timetable in the left lower corner.

this open space. this morning, i put the first cards on it, some coming with pictures, some with lines, written black on yellow and blue. signposts of words to be written, of places to be seen, of chapters to be learned. messengers of things that may happen in May.

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