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Thursday, October 11, 2012

the week in review: memoir, scifi, classic, poetry, comic, short stories...

Reviews of the Week:

Michelle Elvy interviews award-winning graphic novelist Chris Slane at Aotearoa Affair. His latest book -- Nice Day for a War -- won the 2012 NZ Post Children's Book Award. Well worth a view:  an interview with Chris Slane

Christopher Allen reviews Sheldon Lee Compton's new short story collection for Books at Fictionaut: The Same Terrible Storm

Beth Adams writes about reading Ulysses: (and if you wonder why Ulysses pops up in an initiative that is about indie / self-published books: "It was Sylvia Beach's small indie press in Paris that published the first copies of James Joyce's Ulysses." read more: Ulysses -- and the Trojan Horse Within

Berit Ellingsen reviews Ian Sale's new science fiction novella in her blog: Adrift on the Sea of Rains

Tim Jones interview Wellington poet Sugu Pillay, whose first poetry collection "Flaubert's Drum" just got published: An Interview With Sugu Pillay

Dorothee Lang reviews the self-published memoir by Melanie Steele, who set out in the hope that if you only keep following your heart, your dream will come true at some point: 13 Years in America

Marcus Speh discovers a little book from Proust about his home town at indie press Editiones Tartines: Kreusnach

Goodreads book list: there's a list with most of the reviews books (and with books of the reviewers) up at Goodreads:/ ReviewForward book list


More Book / Lit Links:

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