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Wednesday, January 01, 2014

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Wednesday, August 21, 2013

BluePrintReview in/stances: here is the now

Today, the final set of reflections on moments went online at BluePrintReview, completing the "in/stances" issue. Here's an overview of the complete issue, from the archive page: 

#30: instan/ce(s)
here is the now by 8 contributors
A Portrait of Mars by Aubrie Cox
Der Biergeist by Rouchswalwe

A Chronology of Saturnalia by M. White + D. Stark
Pause of a day by Cathrine Lødøen
ristretto by Sean Burn
the moment's meaning by Ankur Agarwal
From my Garden Series by Michael J. Solender
what alley found in poem by Kramer + Elza
Journey on Mallorca by Marcia Arrieta
of time by Stella Pierides
lightwhiskers by JD, RH, DL, SW

Walls of Hue, Viet Nam by Chris Galvin Nguyen
a photograph a day by Jane Hammons
o c e a n by Steve Wing
vehicular by Rose Hunter
Static Motions by Karyn Eisler
How Blue Follows You by Sina Evans

Here is the now
The final page that went live is "here is the now" - a collage that formed on the Mindful Writing Day. This collage partly inspired the instances issue, it includes images and words by Karyn Eisler, Cathrine Lødøen, Stella Pierides, Jean Morris, Nicolette Wong, Jim Wittenberg and Steve Veilleux. So the ending point now really is one of the beginning points. 

It's exciting to see how this issue turned out – I more or less put the pages together in the order they arrived here, and it's wonderful to see the variety of works - each series of instances forms an own, vivid kaleidoscope, exploring and documenting multiple layers and angles of the world.

And like so often, cross-connections started to form in the issue, and some works almost look like they inspired each other, even though there was no further theme apart from "moments" / "instances", and of course none of the contributors knew about the others, and the images / themes they sent. Yet still there now is almost a net of parallels.

Enjoy the moments and the unexpected parallels and counterparts ~ 

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Happy Birthday BluePrintReview!!

happy 8th birthday!

today is a day of a celebration: 8 years ago, on 22nd May 2005, BluePrintReview launched. it's been a long and wonderful creative way from the first issue (still up here: BluePrintReview Issue 1) through so many different themes - to the new issue:

BluePrintReview #30: instan/ce(s)

all issues are listed in the archive - which also shows the growth of BluePrintReview. from issue 10 onwards, the issue had themes - first those themes developed from the submissions sent, later there were theme calls.

the tricky 7th year
for a while, it seemed the 7th year would turn into the ending year of BluePrintReview - and then brought a new start. the whole story of is online in the new issue: BluePrintReview instan/ce(s), the short version + the long version.

really glad that the page now keeps growing again. thanks to all of you who contributed and sent words and contributions. blueprintreview would be a blank page without you. Thanks to you - the authors and artists who contributed to this venue of words, images, and cross-connections. from the first to the current one, every single issue was a joy to edit, and to see grow and develop.

to celebrate the birthday, submissions now are now open for the next pages of the current instances issue, next deadline is 5th of June, here are the guidelines.

Happy Birthday, BluePrintReview!

- Dorothee

Monday, March 25, 2013

BluePrintReview: instances connecting editor's note

the next part of the BluePrintReview in/stances is live!

it's a rather visual part, featuring 3 photo series:
again, the starting page leads to the single pages, and it's exciting to explore the cross-connections that shaped already, for example Chris' wall from Hue, and Jane’s walls from the States. and in Steve’s set of 6 photos includes a wall image, too, and ends with a reflective Buddha moment that again could relate to the Kitchen Gods under the Bodhi Tree. then there is the light/shadow structure in Steve's work, and like a counterpart twin, the park photo from Jane.

enjoy the moments and the unexpected parallels and counterparts ~

Thursday, March 07, 2013

the new issue of blueprintreview is launching!

the new issue of blueprintreview is launching!

the first in/stance(s) are online, featuring Karyn Eisler, Rose Hunter and Sina Evans: blueprintreview starting page

click the images to get to the issue pages


feedback, notes, cross-connections:

"It looks fabulous!!!  Karyn's work is stellar--especially those koi! Here's to blue honey" - Sina 

"Still excited about this first set of instances, and the parallels and counterparts included - like this one: Rose sent a “vehicular” series, and without knowing of it, Karyn sent a series that focuses on “Static Motion”. - Dorothee 

"How lovely! I love Karyn's also, lovely images. And your design is beautiful also. To the instant! Being all we have..." - Rose

"Love this ‘clicking the squares’ format. Fun to do ... Congratulations on getting to the launch stage, with so much (re)innovation and (re)conceptualization involved in the (new) format of BPR...." - Karyn, who also blogged about the issue and her series: static motions blog note

"BluePrint review is off to a good start!  I love all of the first group, and it does make me smile how Rose and Karyn are juxtaposed in theme" - Steve Wing

"the new issue of blueprintreview sounds wonderful--i love "to explore the nature of the moments, of daily creation, of viewpoints of time"   which reminds of last week when i was rereading a chapter in the tao of pooh by benjamin hoff  about the honey jar   it is the moments that matter" - marcia arrieta 


submissions are now open, too.
please note that this issue is dedicated to current or previous creative online projects, especially daily online projects that cover a certain amount of time and explore a format / theme / place and focus on moments / the nature of moments. To get an idea of possible formats, please visit the first pages of the issue and check the issue guidelines.

enjoy each moment!

Monday, March 04, 2013

current calls + weekly challenges

submissions are open for BlurPrintReview #30

the new issue of BluePrintReview "instan/ce(s)" is now open for submissions, it is going online in steps and dedicated to series of works that explore the nature of moments. For the next stages, the deadline is 24th March, with another submission phase upcoming in April. Guidelines. 


current twitter-size calls  

#litrostory: the magazine Litro started a collective twitter fiction experiment. The idea: to create a story that is told on Twitter by as many writers as possible. for more about the project, click to the listrostory info page. to read (+ join) the the story as it develops, visit #litrostory

Folded Word is holding a tweet-sized poetry contest, the theme is “milestones.” Send in your tweet-sized poems in March: Guidelines


month-long daily challenges

I Doodle, You ‘Ku - March 2013 at Yay Words. "The concept is simple: here’s a doodle. Now write a poem to accompany it!" - Here are the guidelines: I Doodle, You ‘Ku 2013

National Poetry Writing Month - April 2013, the event at + more websites: (30 poems in 30 days)


weekly challenges

Photo Friday: a weekly photo challenge, new theme is: "Mornings" - join by blogging a photo and then adding the photo link to their list

Wordpress Photo Challenge: another weekly photo challenge, with new themes on friday, too. current theme is "Lost in the Details", collected entries are up at weekly photo challenge

Skywatch Friday: A place to enjoy skies and views from all around the globe. SkywatchFriday is a "not for profit, not for awards" fun place to post and link from. Simply take a picture which includes the Sky, post that picture on your blog and then share it at Skywach. Try to visit other sky blogs, too.


more calls, in the blueprint book blog: Current Calls

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

BluePrintReview issue #30 is on the way..

... and it's going square. or: collage. the picture for a first look...

....or try this link to read a bit more about the upcoming issue and the reasons for the blue pause:
BluePrintReview - on the way: #30