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Monday, January 10, 2011

blueprintreview pushcart nominations

the BluePrintReview nominations for the Pushcart Prize 2011

not forgotten, just not posted yet. here they are:

- Susan M. Gibb: Descriptions 

- Sam Rasnake: Studies in Window

- David Jordan: Father of the Suicide

- Rose Hunter: Aposematic

- Michelle Elvy: Almost There

- Richard Stevenson: Stuck in the mud

congratulations and best of luck for the prize!


Michael Solender said...

Fabulous slate of authors and writes- Congrats to all..

Anonymous said...

THANK YOU BLUE PRINT REVIEW! I am so honored to be in this grand company.

Anonymous said...

Very well done, everyone - wonderful work here.

Dorothee said...

and THANKS for submitting such amazing texts! it makes editing BluePrintReview a joy.

Thunderclap Magazine said...

Great writers and wonderful magazine. Congrats to everyone!