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Friday, December 31, 2010

BluePrintReview in Folded Word

there's a feature on BluePrintReview in the Folded Word Blog:
What’s New with Blue Print Review

the feature also includes a note on the new blueprint blog project ">language > place blog carnival".

below, an additional note from the host of the current carnival edition, Nicolette Wong.

Nicolette Wong on edition #2 of >language >place  
"The second edition is a voyage into imaginary spaces and real places re-imagined, in voices from around the world. Writers decipher what they see and hear--in words, codes, images and hints between the lines that they write. And the places shift amid detours, tender moments of misunderstanding or confusion to arrive at the heart of the stories. What's on the page/screen is often born out of one's search along a circuitous path.

Some of the authors included were previous contributors to the blog carnival and/or BluePrintReview. Some came across the first edition and wanted to join. The creative pieces--flash stories and photography--I solicited. The process was a little similar to that of writing a group of flash fictions: collecting impressions, then finding the right words, moods and homes for them."
- Nicolette Wong

and an additional link that reaches back further in time:

a bit earlier this year, Casey Foley from Folded Word talked with me about the beginnings of BluePrintReview, and about Daily s-Press, the book blog that developed from a former BluePrint book page. Also included: some lines on my own new book, the collection "in transit":
The Many Tales of Dorothee Lang

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