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Sunday, August 15, 2010

1st week of two² - feedback

some feedback from week 1 of blueprintreview two², including 2 web-loops

blueprint online notes
this morning, i logged into facebook to put up a sunday blueprintreview two² note - and the first thing that popped up was: a blueprint sunday note. written already by Michelle Elvy from 52/250. such a good loop suprise:
"Such a wonderful summer issue of BluePrint Review, including poems about Oslofjord and Las Vegas, Monarch butterfly colors and the relentness nature of grey, and a burning hot story by Sheldon Lee Compton... check it out here."

and right at launch day, Karyn Eisler put a note up in facebook that is summing up the concept of BluePrintReview in such a brief yet encompassing way:
"BluePrintReview #25: The gradual unfolding of the issue starts today! Words + images from unrelated places--the works of authors and artists from different points on the globe meet on the digital page:"

blog + mail: poetry / fiction overlap

Rose Hunter blogged about the issue, this includes a flip-note on her own poem-pair (aposematic / grey), and also a quote from a Two-poem:

"....And here is a poem by Tyler Cobb. It has

"large eyes to take in the mechanics of gore," and
"just one missing adversary

in the clotted system."

Follow the link to his poem at a journal called apt, if you like that one. Oh, hell,
here's that direct link. And here are the last lines of that poem, "Relapse:"

Answers are fascinating but always too late,
A million complaints still unanswered,
But one has to feel that this odyssey
Was just a rumor and nothing more.

This is speaking to me today." - Rose Hunter

the whole blog note is up here: Preamble/ BluePrintReview/ Goodies

more poetry quotes:
and more poetry: i received a mail from Steve Wing, it started with lines from a poem i knew, but couldn't place on first read:

"this is such tactile and enchanting poetry:

the grass long ago rubbed away
by the feet of dozens of roaming kids who
left the flat floors and porches of their homes to
feel the earth tilt on its axis beneath them.

And at the edges and sometimes the
centers of those bald patches of hillside were
the bones of ancient rocks and cliffs,
always cool to the touch and painted
with strokes of a dull moss, pressing
out into the sun, restless
beneath the root structures of old trees.

and of course, the milkweed poison! Not everyone will get that, but it is good. I love this issue!" - Steve Wing

it took a second read to place the lines: they are from Sheldon Lee Compton's story "How To Burn Years" ...


... which now leads to the second online-loop: today is #StorySunday again. the base concept of this twitter-initiative that was started recently by Tania Hershman: "Link to a story by someone else that you enjoyed this week."

the story i wanted to link to? - "How to burn years".
so i logged into twitter. typed #storysunday. started to type. then saw the very title 4 tweets down:

MarthaWriting: #storysunday How To Burn Years by Sheldon Lee Compton cc @shelcompton @taniahershman

so beautiful, those mentionings. thanks to you and all others who help to spread the word.


Shel Compton said...

Lordamercy, I really don't know what to say here. Just glad people are enjoying the issue and that folks are talking about it. Thrilled and grateful.

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