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Friday, August 13, 2010

issue two² contributor roundabout

the "Two²" issue of BluePrintReview is online!
the issue goes live in sequences, starting with 3 pages. to introduce all two-contributors-to-be right at the launch, and to go on a rolling journey through words and places, here a contributor roundabout in connecting colors:

Karyn Eisler is soaking away the summer in Hungarian thermal waters and Canadian hot springs. She was PicFic's Featured Contributor for July, and her image "Red/White/Blue" appeared in Referential Magazine. Track her down at Living ?.

Sheldon Lee Compton returned to using a typewriter this summer. Just before that he saw the stories "Johnny's Blue Mosrite Guitar" published at Staccato Fiction and "The Son of a Man" at Divine Dirt Quarterly. He writes and interviews and reviews at Bent Country.

Susan Gibb is spending the summer writing one, sometimes two stories a day. She recently had a story named "Cooper's Promise" in Divine Dirt Quarterly, and "Where We Come From, Where We Go" in the May 2010 Istanbul Literary Review. She blogs at Spinning.

Brad Rose is spending the summer writing poetry and flash fiction, and listening to the Black Keys, while working to pay the mortgage. He wonders if, in fact, T.S. Elliot wasn’t wrong? Isn’t August is the cruelest month? Brad’s poem “The Liberation of the Knife-Thrower’s Daughter” appears in Right Hand Pointing. Brad’s novelette Lola Loves Richard, a tragicomedy told in 6-sentence chapters, is in progress at lola-loves-richard. Links to his poetry and flash fiction can be found at bradrosepoetry.

Rose Hunter is spending her summer in the winter. (A recent, disorienting move to the southern hemisphere.) She's not sure what she's doing yet, except being cold. Her poetry book, to the river, is being published by Artistically Declined Press this November. She blogs at Whoever Brought Me Here Will Have to Take Me Home, and also edits the poetry journal YB.

Michelle Elvy is spending the summer getting accustomed to the New Zealand winter. Her flash fiction piece, "Bedtime Story", appears later this month in Gloom Cupboard and her latest sailing photos/story can be seen in the August issue of Blue Water Sailing magazine. You can find her at Glow Worm.

This summer Marcia Arrieta is spending time at the ocean in California and is also on the road through Utah, Colorado, Idaho, & Montana. Two of her recent poetry publications include "the mysterious" in Bolts of Silk and "Days" in Melusine. You can find her at indefinitespace.

Linda Simoni-Wastila is eating her way through her garden and conducting plastic surgery on her second novel Pure. Her short story "Another Thursday Night" recently appeared in The Shine Journal and her poem "Unction" was named as one of the Top 50 poems by Robert Brewer of Writers Digest in the April Poem-A-Day Challenge. She pontificates almost daily at her blog leftbrainwrite.

Kirsty Logan is spending the summer working on her first novel, Little Dead Boys. She had a story named "Beauty" in Annalemma and a prose sestina named "Anchor of the Suburbs" in Weave. She blogs at kirstylogan.

Michael K. White is spending the summer like a lotto winner spends fifty dollar bills. He recently had the a micro-novel "My Apartment" published at blueprintpress and a staged reading of his play at paragontheatre. He doesn't blog anywhere but his gnarly website can be beheld at

Steve Wing's summer has included traveling in North Carolina, painting his kitchen, and spending quality time with intestinal parasites. His photography was included in the first issue of Lantern Review, and 3 images of a photo collaboration with blueprint editor Dorothee Lang appeared in Issue 18 of Otoliths: "2 Layers". Steve is a sometimes contributor to the this blog, his bio page can be found here.

bl pawelek is currently stressing a move from San Diego to Madison. Recently, there has been a flash piece called '"North of Paris" at The Northville Review and an art piece called "after the prayer" at the latest Dogzplot Flash Fiction. He would love to see you at blpawelek.

Suzanne Marie Hopcroft is spending August battling PPD (post-Paris depression!) by writing and reading and writing some more. Last month, she saw her first published piece - "The Old Lie" - appear in Camroc Press Review. More of her short fiction is forthcoming in JMWW and Moon Milk Review, among other lovely magazines. You can find her at suzannemariewrites.

Kim Keith is spending the summer trying to not overheat. She recently had a poem called "Forsaken" in the Vampires issue of Skive Magazine and another poem entitled "Lunaticks" appearing soon in Fissure Magazine's Steampunk issue. Kim can be found blogging at sparkygurl.

Jeff Crouch recently had a story named crackle pop in the magazine abjective and a short film with Cece Chapman named paste in the magazine unlikely stories 2.0. He blogs at Famous Album Covers.

Eckhard Gerdes is spending the summer editing the next issue of The Journal of Experimental Fiction and working on his own writing. He recently had a pair of novels published together as The Unwelcome Guest plus Nin and Nan by Enigmatic Ink in London, Ontario. You can find him at

Michael Brandonisio has been spending the summer battling the intense heatwave that has gripped New York City. His story, Schiz, recently appeared at PenSpark, and a poem with corresponding photograph about Jean Genet, Darling Divine, is in the current eye-opening Fetish Issue at Shit Creek Review.

changming yuan is enjoying a 'free' summer for the first time in his entire life. Most recently he had poems accepted by Cha, 4 & 20, MTLS, Windmills and Turbulence. Yuan blogs at

Ray Scanlon lives in Massachusetts. The two² image is his first published photo. His writing has appeared at Tiny Lights and his story Karma in Camroc Press Review, and he's on the Web at

Claire Ibarra is spending the summer raising her puppy and whittling down her towering stack of 'must read' books. She recently had a story titled "Confession" in Midway Journal and a creative essay titled "A Blessing" in Quiet Mountain Essays. You can find Claire at claireibarra.

This summer, Dorothee Lang has started to carve out some time for flash writing and for sunday mountain drives. She recently had a Sky Blue story in metazen, and talked about writing, reading and travelling with Rose Hunter in the first daily s-press author talk. She keeps a sky diary and a blog of virtual notes.


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