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Tuesday, July 26, 2011

BluePrintReview #28: "Challenge" - some notes on the process

challenge issue launch
the new issue of BluePrintReview is now launching – the first pages are online, coming in the shape of a peppermint bottle, and a New York novel, here at

and there are more challenges waiting – you can see the next ones lingering on the mainpage already: a thin model, a Wednesday, and a river rising. more to come, soon: like the issues before, this issue will be launched in sequences, to give all contributions some individual recognition and space, with new sequences going online on a probably biweekly basis.

some notes on the issue:
as the previous synergy issue was largely poetic from format, this one really was initially planned as story issue (more about that, here). but while working on the issue, it developed an own shape, and now includes stories, poems and non-fiction.

one of the contributors asked how the issues develop and find their shape. a good question. this issue grew in phases, and that is still in process, its shape defined by the contributions and by the way they connect. it's a bit like creating a mosaic: laying out the pieces, and then seeing how they might connect - and also: how they reach out beyond the formal contributions. like with the starting pages of this issue, "The Peppermint Bottle" - Sherry’s blog entry and Julia’s image, they both weren’t directly submitted, but pages i visited while working on the issue. and the second page is consisting of 2 found creation: the found "News York Novel"-poem. and the found glass window image, inspired by 100 days.

another interesting aspect is the sub-theme this issue developed: water. you will find it in the issue in many forms: there are bottles, rivers, oceans. also, there’s surfacing and falling. i'd blame it on my own subconscious, but the water flow didn't only in this place: if you visit the new edition of language/place, you also will find a water sub-theme. the main theme there is The poetry of place. age of aquarious, maybe?

newsletter & your personal best of
2 extra notes: later this week, there’s a blueprint newsletter upcoming for this issue, to subscribe, click here.

and if you want, there is a creative challenge up in facebook: “What’s your personal best-of 2010?

but now, enjoy the challenge~
peace & inspiration~~

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