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Monday, March 14, 2011

after the shock

reflections, thoughts, blog posts.

The Unnamed
"I keep thinking of the people, unnamed who wake up in the morning, leave their houses and return to the Fukushima plant wearing frail protective gear and thicker prayers to protect their bodies soaking up more radiation than is reasonable, sustainable, possible."
- Christina Rosalie

"I feel quiet. In the wake of Japan's disasters, everything I have to say is small."
- Sherry O'Keefe

Who will it be tomorrow
"But the events in Japan trouble us. Deeply. They create an imbalance and we do not know where to turn. Or how to turn away from the media that has been feeding us with mind-numbing facts and images."
- Parmanu

Songbirds and nuclear reactors and the horrible beauty of the world
"How does one write poems in the middle of something like this? What good, really, are my words now? How do we make the words meaningful in the face of disaster.."
- Jennifer Saunders

Charity Biddings / the real tragedy
"If you have a dollar to spare, bid on my photo or someone else's in this Flickr campaign to help Japan. The money will go to a charity of your choice. Or go here and bid on great books, on authors offering to name a character in their next book after you or dedicating their book to you etc. ."
- Brigita Orel

In Japan, the sun will rise again
"My heart and thoughts are currently with all my friends in Japan, the people at my publishing house Shinshocha, the amazing journalists I talked to from Japan Broadcasting Corporation.."
- Petina Gappah

after the shock - leftbrainwrite
"my heart and prayers to those in Japan -- and to those who love them. through friday, for every comment i will contribute one dollar to relief efforts; another dollar for every tweet or blog or fb link. peace..."
- Linda Simoni-Wastil

Information: what for? - tasting rhubarb
"Rolling media coverage of disasters, as we’re currently getting from the earthquake in Japan, both freaks me out and numbs me, leaves me not knowing what I feel, not knowing what to feel.."
- Jean Morris

the images coming from japan these days - do the write thing
"There have been many worthy projects done for other catastrophes that have happened recently. I think the Japanese more than deserve a similar effort and all of us keeping them in our prayers and thoughts."
- Brigita Orel

The Earth Quakes, We Tremble - Blaugustine
"Who has seen the videos and photos of the earthquake and tsunami in Japan, made even worse now by possible nuclear meltdown, and not thought: what does anything mean when faced with such devastation?"
- Natalie d'Arbeloff

waterside - virtual notes
"it is a time that makes me grateful for the fact that my home never was torn apart, and that we live in a time of peace in this country that has seen so many dark times in the past."
- Dorothee Lang


Linda said...

Thank you Dorothee for linking my blog, as well as the others. A wonderful resource, a small space to meditate and pray. Peace...

Dorothee said...

yes, that's what I had in mind: a small space to meditate and pray.

and also: to read how other writers deal with the overwhelming amount of tragic news. i think writing down and sharing the thoughts and emotions helps a bit to deal with them.

Natalie d'Arbeloff said...

Dorothee, many thanks for linking to my blog too. Your idea is wonderful, putting together different perspectives on this devastating and incomprehensible event. Reports in the media often lack that connection, the response from individuals.

Sherry O'Keefe said...

this feels like a place to light candles.

thank you for this.