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Thursday, April 08, 2010

Dzanc Best of the Web 2010

"While we let all of the authors know, as well as the journals that published the original stories, poems and essays, we never made a general announcement as to what authors are going to be included in Best of the Web..."

...said the Dzanc Book editors. and then went ahead, and put the list for the Best of the Web 2010 up on their page: Best of the Web 2010

i posted the nice news before: a story from blueprintreview has been selected for inclusion in Dzanc Books' Best of the Web 2010, too, it's from the shortcuts/detours issue: "Nostrum" by Michelle Reale.

further blueprintreview contributors that are included (through their stories in other magazines) are:

  • Molly Gaudry with "The Sky as John Saw It the Night Kate Sparkled" in Abjective
  • J.A. Tyler. with "Jimmy and his Father and the Ways About Them" in > kill author
  • Lisa Zaren with "Segue" in Juked

congrats all around ~

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