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Saturday, February 13, 2010

olympic (dis)comfort zone

vancouver 2010 torch relay,

_________ __hours before the opening ceremony.

flame of hope, friendship, peace, unity /

_____ _wall of fear, precaution, mistrust, security.

text + images: Karyn Eisler, Living ?s, Vancouver

refrain note:

olympia also comes with poetic (dis)comfort
about theme restrictions for cultural events:

"the artist shall at all times refrain from
making any negative or derogatory remarks.."

more about that, here: "from refrain to decline"
- from Daniela Elza's blog 'Strange Places'


sand shadow said...

Olympic discomfort almost jumps off the screen! The image cropping and color contrasts so emphatically underscore the message of the words, and vice versa. Altogether, it is an inverse of the usual media coverage. Exceptional!

Anonymous said...

Thank-you ~