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Thursday, January 28, 2010

contributor blog roll + gender zones

after having pieced the (dis)comfort issue together, i went on a blog tour - and put together a blueprintreview contributor blog roll. so far, the blogroll includes contributors from issues 23, 22, 21, 20. you find it when you scroll down, it's in the right sidebar.

surprise discovery: even though the issues are rather balanced from gender, there are significantly more blogs that belong to female authors / artists. (9 'male' vs. 26 'female' blogs). why is that? i don't know. any ideas anyone?

and following the gender theme: i didn't plan this, and only noticed this yesterday after i did the blog count, and then moved to the issue to have a 'gender look' at the zones, too:
- the first zone of (dis)comfort is male (only exception: the nightfall image)
- the second zone will be all female (texts and images)
- and the third zone - will be a mix.

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