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Wednesday, May 07, 2008


Forgotten smiles, remembered memories
Simmering in my half empty coffee cup
Making their way across the freeways of the mind
Grasping on the reeds of time, they seek to find
Loving glances. Timely touches. Promises on paper

Forgotten ways, remembered paths
Those days spent in Jayanagar bazaar bylanes
Wind along misty crevasses of life
Brushing past the damp cobwebs of dreams
Lured by melancholy and sweetness, so they seem

Forgotten music, remembered echoes
Tunes from my favorite singers
Dance their notes off the walls of the past
Percolating through the blurred eyepiece of tomorrow
Blissful tones shaded with happiness drenched in sorrow

Suitcases full of hours and minutes
Lie in our hands
At times heavy with enchantment and magic and illusion
At times light with hurt and grime and lemons
It's the handle of the suitcase that matters
Lift it gently or it can lie in tatters
Unlock Fate, lose the key to Destiny
Before Life closes its shutters

words: Swati Nair, India (more)
photo: Dorothee Lang, Germany

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