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Monday, October 09, 2006


(Thanks to SoulMuser for this gorgeous picture. This tower looks like a chess piece... thought it was symbolic of all of us moving across the playground of life...)


Monuments of humanity

Like still waters running deep

They mingle with every drop of blood

Dripping from the core of the tongue

Reeking from mouths

Acid. Steel. Blue. Happy.

Repressed. Fatal. Loving. Soothing.

Felt through caresses

Seen through gestures

Hidden in shadows

Depths unfathomed and immense

Our lives unwrap through them

Revealed and secluded under veils

Many times a bridge

Many times a knife

These alluring curved figurines

Beckon with a tinge of madness

Of sugar coated pills.

Fetching in their attire

Decking our pasts

Forming our presents

Estranging our tomorrows

We are the fleeting selves of time

Fleeing from time

Creating slaves out of souls around

Who grope their way through the scarred fair that is life

Buying trinkets of smiles and toys of happiness

Bargaining for solitude and auctioning loneliness

All rests. Our life is a lighthouse of words.

Beaming with light, showing the way at intervals

And whitened darkness, crowding in otherwise.

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