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Thursday, June 08, 2006

Walking Past Shadows

I walk the road
Through alleys flooded
With the music of live-liness
I hear them loud and clear now
I used to see these players once
Through the cracks of my frozen mind
Awash with the sleet of the past
On to which I held fast

I saw
The shadows etched
On the walls of life
Beg to dance in the light
But drape themselves
Over molten rocks
Sunken in yawning caves
Formed by icicles of the mind
Piercing like pick axes
Puncturing peace
Slashing across the thin screen
Covering the naked self
Scattering the shreds
To be picked up
By the scavengers of the One

I still see the shadows
But I continue to walk the road
Following the beckoning lights
Of laughter, mirth and happiness
Past crossroads
Of fear, doubt and anger
Through streets
Of sadness, despair and longing
Across boundaries
Of love, change and madness

I walk. I am walking. I am.

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