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Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Many Moments One Life

Moments unobserved
Pass by us
Like fleet footed mice
Gone in a trice
For us to hold on
For us to let go

Like wet clothes
Leave us soaked
Enclosed by the cocoon
Of those series of seconds
And then the playful wind
Prances around
Whistling through the drops of water
Oozing from the fabric
Till they are no more
And so does Time
Dry out the emotion soaked instances
Sponging the colors
Absorbing the exhilaration
Pasting it
With the glue of memory
Or piecing it
With the knife of forgetfulness,
Crystallizing it into a snapshot
That takes shape
In the dark room of the day

And moments Become.

Each night
The dark room shuts shop
Pulling back the curtains
Presenting the album of snapshots
A chain of visages
And pool of memories

Each night I am adorned
This string of thoughts
This chain of smiles
This bracelet of memories
This ring of words

It is the crown of love
That binds me tight
Easing the fights
Teasing the tears
Welcoming soothing sleep

And it is love
That awakens me
To yet another sun splashed dawn
In readiness to begin spinning
The thread, the web and the garland
To begin painting the multihued mosaic
Of Moments

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One LIfe. Many Moments. said...

Loved it.. !beautiful!