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Friday, March 03, 2006

Walkway of Lights

One balmy evening two days ago
As I sat savouring the touch of the wind
Thinking of sun and sand and sin
Flush in the company of dearest kin
I chanced upon a sight so extraordinary
It was a walkway of lights
Suspended in time
Hanging in mid air
Eyes twinkling,
Alluring and winking,
Luring the work weary to step aboard
And cross over to that place abroad
To the other side
And lose oneself in the brilliance of the lights
Or walk into the welcoming arms
Of the shadows cast by the same dazzling display
To walk onto the edge
To freedom? To change? To breathe? To fly?

This bridge of lights across to wherever,
Was nothing but an ordinary crane
Transporting bricks and stones
Busy building a home on a site
Unaware of its own splendid sight

Unaware of the emanating ripples of energy
Unaware of the deep trance it cast on me
Breathtaking in its smooth swivelling movements

I can never forget that brief vignette,
Those beads of exhilarating minutes strung together
Into one colourful tile
Painted against the dusky sky
The walkway…
Seductive. Enchanting. Liberating.

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