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Monday, March 20, 2006

Sunrise and Soulmotion

The sun caught me in my eyes
Splintering the window pane,
Extending her warm fingers
Forming a golden chain
In which I lay entwined,
Feeling the liquid harmony,
Alit. Awash. At peace.
Cherishing every particle
Savouring every frame
Feeling every bit
Finding a new lease


I marvel at this miracle
The rush that it brings,
So like the twinning of two minds
That sliver of a moment
When time ceases
Just for a second
When everything around blurs
Just for an instant
When there is just One
Thought. Action. Word. Soul.
Splitting through the normal
Whizzing through the quotidien blue
Bursting out in a flurry of colors
Breaking the sanity of existence
Splashing it with life

And then its gone
Leaving me holding just the wisps,
These strands wet in the brief downpour,
Watching the receding tide
Leaving the shores of my mind
Only to return as quick
To Be.
As One.

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