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Wednesday, March 08, 2006


That which is invisible is still visible, only then can it become invisible

They are everywhere
Hiding behind love
Peeping from the grip of anger
Peeking from beneath the eyelids of sadness
Sitting in the arms of happiness
Of the lack of care
Of the lack of depth

Turn your eyes inwards
See the reflection
In the pool of blood
That is your heart
Do you see the array?
The glamorous masquerades?
That you conduct night and day?
The different emotions
Arranged there on the table

Fanned out as a row of playing cards
So like a fable
So like a string of paper cuttings
Hung on the thread of life
Warped in time
Dwarfed by these masks
Apparent in all your tasks
But living in denial
Appearing genial

Little do you know,
That Existence is invisible
Yet visible
For the unseen arises from the seen
For Life arises from Death
For presence arises from absence

That Reality bares its smooth face

Underneath the scarred visage
Of the Mask
Each time it’s worn
Each time it’s torn
Leaving in its wake
The shreds of mortality
For every mask is a death
Of the soul,
Of your conscience,
Of your existence,
Of your Life

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