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Sunday, February 26, 2006


What am i?
A wandering soul with no boots
Or a rooted form with no life
Swirling in this life of sadness
Revelling in this life of exstasy
Loving this web of desire
Torn apart by the claws of guilt
For the frame is not of wrought iron built
Fragile. Twisted. Broken. Rejoined.
Look closely to see the fine cracks
But come closest and they disappear
For only the one who loves you the most
Hurts you the most
For only the one who hurts you the most
Can heal it by loving you the most

This here is a toast
To my soul of the warmest countenance
The loveliest life
Healer. Giver. Lover. Mover.
A heady mix of everything you ever wanted
Walking through this earthly carpet
Filled with shards and barbs
With flowers and soothing zephyrs
The bouquet prepared by the star,
But my soul is undaunted
Walking through this earthly carpet
Shining her light on the star, her pet
Heaven has met its match

Shining forth the promise
Its starry days and sunny nights forever

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