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Tuesday, January 25, 2005

Winter Muse

It's the end of the semester and as usual I am swamp with papers and exams and endless assignments.
And I just got back from Switzerland, and already busy planning some important people's visit to Israel and then right after - another short and hectic business trip to Ireland... Not a dull moment.

But - with all this, I don't feel like moaning and complaining, I don't feel caged and suffocated - I wake up every morning with such joy and so much energy, to charge over all those tasks, to write those papers, to get the work done, to create, to read books, to interact with people... Oh, I cannot explain, it's as if I was re-born and it feels amazing, I have this hunger, I am wanderlust, want to know everything, to learn everything, to see and experience everything, I want to be everywhere - go places I have never been before, do things I have never done before, I want to read all the books that were ever written about any topic in the world, I want to have long meaningful conversations with people I stumble upon on the street, I want to go see a play every week, an exhibition, I want to be in the wide-open, explore hidden corners, see old movies and new movies, go bowling, go to the zoo, take some time off, a long time off, I want to study French and Spanish and Italian and German, I want to study about photography and Far East philosophy and about the stock market, I want to learn how to cook and how to belly-dance and I want to sing-sing-sing...

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